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This is the latest, most advanced model with artificial intelligence, cooling, drying and many other innovative functions!

Automatic mode which allows the user to simply select the species being incubated, add water and leave the incubator to select the correct conditions. The incubator will cease turning eggs two days before hatching and will indicate the number of days remaining until hatch.

The R-COM 20 Pro Egg incubator has a brand new heated humidity system, so you no longer need the humidity sponges.

Main functions:

  • Automatic temperature setting and control
  • Automatic humidity setting and control
  • Automatic hourly egg turning
  • Large double-glazed observation window
  • Easy dismantling for cleaning
  • Selection of °C or °F for temperature display

Safety functions:

  • Alarm to warn if the observation window is not secured
  • Automatic fan cutout when incubator is disassembled
  • ’Low Water’ alarm
  • Incubation settings are automatically saved in the event of power failure

Egg Capacity:
Small Egg Tray, Standard Egg Tray & Large Egg Tray supplied so you can incubate various sized eggs.

  • Hens – (or equivalent) 20
  • Quail – (or equivalent) 52
  • Goose – (or equivalent) 10

Main Advantages:

  • Incubator with artificial intelligence.
  • Setting and automatic control of temperature and humidity more reliable and intelligent based on sensor reading.
  • 10 incubation programs for various species.
  • Jog dial button with LED ambient light (white, yellow, green and red) that indicates four operating states of the incubator (new).
  • Mode selection: Automatic for beginners and Manual for incubation specialists.
  • Exclusive system for observing the development of the egg embryo, through a built-in egg candler (new).
  • Automatic egg turning with a quieter rotation motor.
  • Optimized air circulation.
  • Cooling function, simulates the daily natural cooling of the egg.
  • Drying mode that quickly removes remaining invisible moisture inside the incubator (new).
  • Small (quail), medium (chicken) and large (goose) trays included.
  • Rcom’s own, more durable antibacterial humidification unit (new); with patented technology.
  • Anti-slip matting to prevent deformities in the legs of newly hatched birds.
  • Built-in control panel that allows easy replacement and maintenance (new).
  • Large LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) display that shows various types of information with animated graphic design.
  • Alarm for water refill and abnormal operating conditions.
  • Incubation data memory function and power failure notification function in case of a power cut.
  • High reliability of rare birds incubation.
  • Main body of incubator easily removable by ergonomic snap closures.
  • Viewing window with top handle to allow more controlled and easy handling (new).
  • Double insulation to minimize the influence of outside temperature.
  • Luxury design, easy to operate.

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