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This fully automatic incubator does it all for even the most discriminating breeder. Pick the species and the incubator does the rest from beginning to end. This includes keeping the temperature and humidity levels correct, turning the eggs automatically, increasing the humidity level during the hatching period as well as automatically adjusting the turning schedule.

This exceptionally innovative incubator has it’s own built-in candler on top of the lid, enabling you to keep a close eye on fertile and infertile eggs. Removing the infertile eggs in a timely manner, keeping the incubator safe and bacteria free for a most successful hatch.

Main features:

Clean and transparent large view window.

  • Variable air control lever which enables the interior air volume of the device to be altered.
  • Artificial intelligence based electronics with the state-of-the-art controlling technology designed by Rcom.
  • Wide LCD Screens displays all incubation and hatching information.
  • Capacity of simultaneous hatching of 10 – 15 standard size eggs.
  • Rotational heater support which enable the easy adjustment of heater tension.
  • Air control lever which induces the fresh exterior air minimizing the effects on the insulation.
  • Manual temperature, humidity adjustment and set-up functions if chosen.
  • Capable to housing 10 chicken size eggs, 30 Quail size eggs.

Convenient Functions:

  • Clamped structure which prevents the leakage of water drops inside the view-window (dew condensation) out of the device.
  • Egg Tray which can simultaneously store different types of eggs.
  • One touch separation of upper part (main controller) for convenient cleaning after incubation and reparation.
  • Automatic control of humidity with an Automatic Humidification Pumping system.
  • Automatic rotation of eggs in Universal egg tray every hour.

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