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Rabbit drinking bottle with leakproof nipple and hanging clip 1.0 liter

This new model rabbit drinker has a special detail, which is the hanging clip. This is made of very strong plastic and makes attaching the drinking bottle to mesh very easy. Can’t attach it because the thickness of your mesh is different? A mounting bracket also comes standard with the drinker. The nipple is of course leak-proof so that the bedding remains dry.

The design of this rabbit drinking bottle has been kept as simple as possible. The single cover can be opened and removed very easily. Refilling and cleaning is no problem at all. The cutouts on the sides of the drinking bottle make it easy to hold. The multi-functional drinker is UV and frost resistant thanks to the PPC plastic used.

Advantages Rabbit drinking bottle Olba

  • Very strong plastic clip
  • Leakproof drinking nipple
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy filling and cleaning
  • Standard mounting bracket included

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