“MyCozyNest” plastic nest for hens


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The nest is principally made of high quality, shock resistant polypropylene and has the modern colours brown and lime green. Thanks to the material and its form, the nest is easy to clean. The height of the edge and the form of the nest assure that the hen cannot scrape the litter from the inside outwards.

Important requisites for a laying nest are sufficient darkness in its inside, but also satisfactory aeration. “MyCozynest” meets both requirement. The aeration isn’t obtained by holes in the side walls, but by aeration grids with a minimal incidence of light. The incidence of light is also limited at the front by a blackout curtain.

The entrance of the nest is provided with a solid little stair with anti-slip structure in the form of a perch. This way the animals can access the nest easily. The upper side of the nest has a rounded form to prevent animals from sitting on it.

The backside of the nest is open and therefore the mounting has to be done to a wall. With 4 screws and through the pre-moulded 4 mounting holes in the back outskirt of it, the nest can be fastened in a wink of an eye.

The laying nest is delivered disassembled to save space during transport, but with the aid of the included, detailed manual the assembling of the nest is as easy as a breeze.

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