Automatic poultry nest “Nestomatic”


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This Nestomatic is a comfortable and sheltered place for poultry to lay eggs. The eggs roll out by itself in a tray preventing them from being destroyed by the hens. This system assures that the eggs can be picked easily!

Discover more advantages of the Nestomatic:

  • This roll out laying nest is provided with a nest pad which is made of polyethylene and is therefore immune against bacteria. The fingers of the nest pad assure that the eggs have minimum contact with manure or other debris. In addition, the nest pad is very comfortable for the hens. Moreover, the nest pad is easy to clean because the pad is removable.
  • The Nestomatic improves the hygiene. Both the eggs and the nests remain clean because the hens cannot destroy the eggs.
  • The nest pad slopes down towards the collecting tray. The sloping floor can be set at three different angles.
  • The collecting tray is made of very strong ABS plastic. The brown lid of the collecting tray hinges and gives access to the eggs.
  • The curtains in the laying nest ensure that the hens can lay eggs in a dark and sheltered area.
  • The sloping roof of the Nestomatic prevents the poultry from sitting on the laying nest.
  • The roll out laying nests can easily be attached to each other with the supplied mounting kit. This way your customers can connect several Nestomatics to each other!
  • The Nestomatic is made of durable material. The plastic parts are made of UV resistant and high quality ABS and the galvanised sheet metal has a thickness of no less than 1 mm.!
  • The roll out laying nest is delivered unassembled as a construction kit. This gives a space-saving of more than 50%! This way more laying nests will fit on one pallet which will reduce the shipping costs significantly. No less than 112 pieces fit on one pallet of 120x100x239cm. By using blind rivets, the mounting of the Nestomatic is very easy!
  • The Nestomatic comes in a sturdy cardboard box to prevent the product from damage during transportation.

Once assembled the Nestomatic has the following dimensions : 48x31x42cm (L*B*H)

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