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Highest quality, professional egg incubator for the price of a hobby machine – this concisely describes CIMUKA HB Series incubators.

The ultimate reliability and precision of CIMUKA incubators is a direct result of extensive scientific research of egg incubation and over 40 years of manufacturer’s hands-on experience in poultry farming. Read more about the manufacturer CIMUKA here.

Due to the reliability and impeccable precision of CIMUKA incubators they are widely used in scientific research – here is a list of studies where CIMUKA incubators have been used published in the prestigious Poultry Science magazine.

Only highest quality, non-corrosive materials like plastic, aluminium and stainless steel are used in CIMUKA incubators. Besides the ultra-precise temperature, humidity and air-circulation systems (see below) providing the highest hatching results possible, CIMUKA cabinet incubators are much easier to clean and maintain compared to competing products, to a great extent thank to double-door design.

CIMUKA incubators comprise several patented systems. The company’s slogan is “35 years of precision for a simple equation” – the “simple equation” being a chirping chick. After the first time of usage it becomes obvious that CIMUKA incubators do live up to the moto fully!

In terms of quality and results CIMUKA incubators are not only equal but in many respects superior to leading brands in the industry (eg. Brinsea or Rcom). They can be acquired for a much more friendly price though, which makes it an obvious choice for the most discerning poultry keeper – professional or amateur!

The difference between CIMUKA CT and HB series lies in available egg capacities and different egg turning system. HB series are equipped with TurnX cradle-type egg turning system that gently changes the angle of egg turning trays by full 90° (45° in each direction), please see product images. HB series use Flexy 35Y egg turning trays each of which is equipped with 10 separators making these trays truly universal – they can be adapted to any egg size, starting from small quail eggs to large geese and turkey eggs. Another great feature is that each of Flexy 35Y egg turning trays can be turned into a hatching boxy by using Flexy hatching covers (sold separately), please see product images. This allows the usage of HB series in All-In-All-Out mode.

All HB series models come in three variations:
C – combined models
Equipped with TurnX egg turning system on top and 1-4 hatching boxes on the bottom (depending on model capacity). This allows multi-stage incubation. By purchasing Flexy covers these models can also be used in single-stage (all-in-all-out) mode. Egg capacities in these models are given by combining the capacity of egg turner and hatching boxes!

H – hatcher models
These models are only equipped with hatching boxes and there is no egg turning system in place therefore these can only be used for hatching so a separate setter unit is also needed.

S – setter models
Equipped with TurnX egg turning system and no hatching boxes. For multi-stage incubation a separate hatching unit is needed. By purchasing Flexy covers these models can also be used as hatching units in single-stage (all-in-all-out) mode.


Quail Partridge Pheasant Chicken Duck/turkey Goose/peacock
Total (10 x Flexy 35Y egg turning trays) 990 560 480 350 240 150

Consumption: average 95W (max 280W)

Patented technologies used in CIMUKA HB Series incubators:

TURNX™ egg turning system
Cradle-type egg turning system that gently changes the angle of egg turning trays by full 90° (45° in each direction). Uses the universal Flexy egg turning trays with separators that allow the incubation of different egg sizes.
HUMISONIC™ humidity control system
Patented system turns water from liquid into gas using ultrasonic waves. Compared to conventional incubation himidification systems HUMISONIC™ doesn’t cause temperature differences within incubator cabinet (as opposed to humidity heating pipes that cause unwanted extra heat).
AIRROUTE™ air circulation system
This patented technology significantly improves hatching results. AIRROUTE™ takes care of optimal temperature and humidity distribution inside of the incubator. AIRROUTE™ complies with IP55 protecion class, allowing it to work efficiently in wet and dusty environments. Technology tolerates power surges as its working voltage ranges 90-265V.

Read more about the manufacturer CIMUKA here.

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