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Revolutionary and innovative solution in quail keeping. Poultry welfare standard has been changed forever. Comfortplast technology is a result of extensive scientific research of poultry welfare and over 35 years of manufacturer’s hands-on experience in poultry farming. Comfortplast quail cages are made from antibacterial, extremely durable plastic. Comfortplast cages provide a clean, hygienic environment for the birds. Keeping quails has never been so easy. A great advantage of Comfortplast brooder and cage systems is that they are stackable – you can create many different configurations by adding or removing extra tiers of any Comfortplast cage and brooder series.

Read more about the manufacturer Cimuka here!

The set includes everything you see on the image, namely:

  • Set of cages for keeping of 175-210 quails (35-42 in each tier)
  • Feeding trough with grill for each tier
  • Nipple drinking system with all the necessary pipes, connectors and water reservoir
  • Sturdy frame on wheels (equipped with fixation brakes)
  • Removable manure tray for easy cleaning for each tier

Main advantages of Comfortplast technology:

  • Unique, patented design
  • Cage material is extremely beneficial for the welfare of the birds – no sharp corners, the risk of injury is almost non-existent
  • The material is long-lasting and durable, it will not fade or change its structure due to the environment or because of direct contact with poultry manure
  • Carefully designed drinking system will avoid loss of water and forming of excess humidity
  • Material is very easy to clean and fully liquid-proof
  • Visually appealing, modern and colourful design
  • Cage system is disassemblable, it takes up little storage space
  • Cage system is flat-packed, providing notable saving in transport costs
  • Extremely easy – “LEGO” type assembly. Great fun for the whole of family!
  • Illustrated assembly manual included

Read more about the manufacturer Cimuka here!

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