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The design and technology of this high-quality egg incubator reflects over 30 years of experience by Cimuka. Every detail has been carefully thought through with the emphasis being placed on functionality and ease of use. More about the manufacturer Cimuka can be read here.

Cimuka PRODI incubators incorporate numerous patentet technologies developed over the years of intensive research and development which provide excellent hatching results. Cimuka PRODI incubators are not only comparable but in many aspects exceed the quality and performance of products by the leading brands (like Brinsea or Rcom).

Cimuka PRODI PD30SH is equipped with one CONTURN™ automatic egg turner.


Capacity: 60 hen / 40 duck or turkey / 108-156 quail / 24 goose eggs (for goose egg incubation GT03 egg turner trays are needed (sold separately))
Consumption: average 30W (max 85W)

  • Very sturdy and durable body, made from ABS plastic
  • Digital temperature and humidity display
  • Automatic temperature control with high/low temperature and humidity alarms
  • Water channels for humidity control
  • AIRROUTE™ equal temperature fan system with IP55 protection against wet and dusty environment
  • Adjustable ventilation openings
  • Stabilized, optimal intensity of the equal temperature fan
  • Conturn 30 automatic egg turning system
  • SS316 sensor protection filter
  • All parts conveniently accessible for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Very low noise levels, suitable for home use

Accessories (sold separately):

QT13 Quail rack will allow to increase quail egg capacity to 156.
GT03 egg turner trays will be necessary for large egg (goose, large turkey) incubation. In PD60SH twelve standard egg turner trays can be replaced by eight GT03 trays.
CS6 Hatching box can replace two standard egg turner trays, allowing to incubate and hatch eggs simultaneously within the incubator. These hatching boxes can also used for separation of different breeds or species.

Cimuka patented technologies used in this incubator:

CONTURN™ egg turning system
Excellent, patented design allows the incubation of eggs of different sizes. Made from shock-resistant ABS plastic. Eggs are being turned continuously every two ours invisibly changing the anlge by 45 degrees each side.
AIRROUTE™ air circulation system
This patented technology significantly improves hatching results. AIRROUTE™ takes care of optimal temperature and humidity distribution inside of the incubator. AIRROUTE™ complies with IP55 protecion class, allowing it to work efficiently in wet and dusty environments. Technology tolerates power surges as its working voltage ranges 90-265V.

More about the manufacturer Cimuka can be read here.

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