Egg incubator PUISOR IO 104

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Egg incubator PUISOR with temperature and humidity display and automatic egg turning. The incubator is factory preset to suit most common types of poultry. There are no settings that need to be changed, which makes using this incubator extremely easy to use. No room for human mistake, because all you need to do is fill the humidity channels with water, connect the machine to power and that’s it.

Humidity display will remind you when to top up water.

PUISOR incubatars are made in the EU and have quickly become very popular in many countries around the world, especially in France. This success is due to three main advantages:

  • Very simple to use yet very precise and reliable
  • Silent and stable operation, very good hatching results
  • Very attractive price-point

We welcome you to watch the vidoe embedded onto this page to see PUISOR incubator in action!

This model IO 104 has automatic egg turning systme. Every hour the 45 degree angle will automatically be changed to the opposite direction.

The capacity of this model is 51 hen or similarly sized eggs.
To incubate quail eggs a set of adapters can be purchased separately. Quail egg capacity with these adapters is 102.

This model IO 104 is very easy to use – it is fully factory preset – incubation has never been this easy. PUISOR incubators are perfect for people who don’t like devices with many buttons and many different settings.

The round shape of PUISOR incubators is very beneficial to even distribution of air within the body of the incubator which ensures even temperature across the incubator. Made from sturdy and elastic plastic – very easy to clean and maintain.

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