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The drinkers are suitable for chickens and other poultry such as geese, turkeys and pheasants. The large capacity is ideal when your customers do not want to refill the drinking water every day, for example during holidays, or when your customers have a larger number of animals.

The siphon drinker is made of high quality plastic. A major advantage of a plastic siphon drinker is that it is non-corrosive. The legs of the drinker ensure that the drinker has excellent stability. Because of the legs of the drinker, the animals cannot pollute the water and therefore the water remains clean for a longer period.

These robust and sturdy drinkers are very simple to use. The drinker is easy to refill by using the screw lid on top of the drinker. In addition, these siphon drinkers are also very easy to clean.

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