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This is the new model with periodic cooling function!

The model Rcom Pro 10 incorporates incubation technology in a small capacity unit. This incubator for birds is capable of automatically controlling the temperature and turning of the eggs. Humidity is read only and humidification is done manually, using a small, external water reservoir. At the top of the incubator there is a built-in egg candler to inspect the development of the embryo.

Main Characteristics:

  • Setting and automatic control of temperature.
  • Manual humidification through an incorporated reservoir (it is necessary to put water in the side container to generate humidity).
  • Humidity value display.
  • APS (Automatic Pumping System) automatic humidifier can be purchased and added separately
  • Automatic egg turning with a low-noise rotation motor; and stop function (turning is done by rolling the egg, which allows extremely efficient turning for more delicate eggs).
  • Built-in egg candling system (exclusive system for inspecting the development of the egg embryo).
  • 5 preset incubation programmes for different species:
    • Quail;
    • Duck;
    • Chicken;
    • Pheasant;
    • Other species (for birds in general);
  • Egg tray that can hold different sizes of eggs simultaneously.
  • Cooling function (simulates the daily natural cooling of the egg).
  • Abnormal high/low temperature buzzer alarm.
  • Reusable/washable air filter which removes dust and impurities. (*Insert the air filter, 3 days before hatching.)
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) that displays various types of information with animated graphic design.
  • Large view window to observe eggs.
  • Simple design, easy to operate.
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