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Multiple rats or mice can be caught alive at the same time with this simple rat trap. The rat trap has two entrances, when the vermin enters the trap it is impossible for the animal to walk out again. By placing some attractants or bait in the trap, for example some peanut butter, the rats will be lured into the trap. This rat trap is a very popular products in the United States because of the good catching results. Thanks to the transparent windows in the lid, you can see the catching results very quickly. Moreover, it is a very hygienic way to catch rats or mice! One can remove the caught vermin easily without touching the animals because the lid of the trap hinges.

This rat and mouse trap is ideal for use in chicken coops, aviaries and other animal houses. It is not necessary to use poison and there are no risks of snapping traps for the other animals in the animal house.

Some of the advantages of this rat trap at a glance:

  • Catching multiple mice or rats alive at the same time;
  • The catching result is immediately visible thanks to the windows in the lid;
  • Ideal for use in chicken coops, aviaries and other animal houses;
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