R-Com MARU MAX 190


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Egg capacity: 168 chicken eggs
Consumption: 70W

Main Functions

  • Intergarted simplify control pannel( superior maintenance )
  • Automatic temperature & humidity control and set function
  • Automatic egg turning & turning interval set function (1h, 2h, 3h)
  • LCD / FND display for easy recognition of incubation state
  • Artificial intelligence electronic control system applied from Rcom utmost technology
  • High reliability temperature and humidity sensor applied produced by Sensirion, Swiss (ver. 3rd Generation of sensirion, Swiss)
  • Transparent double insulated view window
  • Sliding Air-vent able to control the air in the chamber
  • Minimized temperature variation applied from Rcom optimum air flow technology
  • Water heating system for evaporation eliminating bacteria
  • Water level sensing & warning system
  • Superb high density foam board for maintaining stable temperature & maximizing energy efficiency
  • The safety device of the humidification-unit is attached on the Thermostat

Useful Functions

  • Degree C / degree F interchangeable
  • Hatching chamber equipped
  • Egg turning stop on opening window
  • Inbuilt humidifying system
  • Warning & display function of abnormal temperature caused by ambient temperature fluctuation
  • Incubation data memory and alarm function in case of blackout
  • Equipped Water nipple in front for handy water supply
  • Auto horizontal egg turner stop function & manual egg turner positioning function
  • Each egg turner operation available selectively (Model No.: MX-1000C)
  • Adjustable universal egg tray able to placing different eggs according to the species (sold separately)
  • Top cover can be opened for easy cleaning and maintenance after hatching
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