PP fence CINTOFLEX D, height 2m, 100m


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More information about CINTOFLEX here!

The Italian CINTOFLEX (previously know as SAFEBIRD in the Baltics) fences are made for professional poultry keepers. With special technology made from UV stabilized PP this fencing material provides exceptional durability and ultra high tensile strength – it is impossible to rip or tear it, but yet it is flexible enough to make it very easy to install. UV stabilized material guarantees its durability in the most extreme environment – direct sun will not harm it and also the material will not change its structure in extreme subzero temperatures. The manufacturer guarantees these fences to last as new for at leat five years but in normal circumstances this material will last for at least 20-30 years. Despite the great tensile strength and durability one of the greatest advantages of this fencing material is its light weight (70g/m2) which makes it extremely easy to install – one person can carry and easily handle a 2m tall and 100m long roll with no problem as it only weights 14kg.

The black colour is very unobtrusive and nicely blends in with the environment – it is hardly visible from distance.

CINTOFLEX (previously know as SAFEBIRD in the Baltics) fencing material is ideal for poultry runs, aviaries, poultry cages. It is also perfect for fencing of your garden to retain the birds from ruining your efforts.

Try CINTOFLEX (previously know as SAFEBIRD in the Baltics) and you will never look back at old-fashioned fencing materials because CINTOFLEX fences don’t have downsides.

Last but not least – this material is cheaper than any other fencing material available in your local DIY store. Try it, we cut to meter!


More information about CINTOFLEX here!

Mesh size: 21×34 mm
Breaking point: 250 kg
Weight: 70g/m2
Roll height: 2 metres
Material: hight quality UV stabilized PP

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Weight 16 kg
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