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Mouse trap zinc plated with window, multi catch system

American mouse trap for catching great numbers of mice alive! This product is very popular in America due to the excellent trapping results.

This model has two entries in order to enable the mouse to enter, but not to exit the trap again. To attract the mice you can use different kinds of bait, like e.g. peanut butter. You will promptly see the results. This trap is suitable for catching max. 20 mice and ideal if you have a mouse infestation. You can easily monitor the outcome through the transparent window in the lid of the trap. You also can regularly open the hinged lid to empty the trap. Made of galvanised sheet metal and with a plastic window.

  • Excellent results
  • To catch great numbers of mice
  • Easy monitoring of the trapping results through the transparent window in the lid
  • No need to use poison/poisoned bait
  • No danger for your pets as the trap has no snapping device
  • Ideal for use in animal housings, such as henhouses and birdcages
  • You may use the trapped mice to feed your birds of prey or reptiles, as the mice are still alive
  • Favourable price
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