Mini Eco Semi-Auto Turning Upgrade Kit


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NEW! Mini Eco Incubator Semi-Auto Turning Upgrade Kit – includes 2 Egg Disks

Mini II Eco Incubator Semi-Auto Turning Upgrade Kit – fits both Mini Eco and Mini II Eco incubators (please note, the very first Mini Eco incubators did not have the black bung feature, the turning kit will NOT fit this very early model – if you are unsure as to whether it will fit your machine please call us on 0345 226 0120 – local rate- and we will be able to advise you).

Turn your Mini Eco incubator into a semi-auto version with this turning mechanism accessory. Easy to fit and simple to use. The turning mechanism engages with the cogs on the egg disk allowing a simple turn to be made without having to lift the lid off the incubator to manually turn the eggs.


  • Turning mechanism
  • Large egg disk – holds up to 7 hens’ eggs
  • Small egg disk for quail/pheasant eggs – holds up to 12 eggs
  • Full instructions

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