Hopper feeder Arcus Gyro 20L


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ARCUS is the ideal feeder for those who use the hopper feeders as a tool to feed animals, as it allows to do it without waste and with the typical simplicity of all our products. It’s excellent for feeding adult animals.

It is supported by a vertical rod and a crosspiece, both made of metal. The rod has three holes that allow as many regulation levels of the feed in the plate. The adjustment takes place thanks to a split pin that fixes the plastic cylinder at the desired height.
The anti-waste fins (whose design is registered) have been expressly designed to allow the animals to eat in a correct way, while preventing them from using their beak to spill the feed from the plate. Feed saving will be the immediate result, as well as a cleaner litter. Unwanted animals will not find feed on the ground anymore.

The feeder is complete with a lid that protects the food from dirt.

A kit with 4 legs is also supplied. The legs are to be inserted in the special sockets at the base of the plate to lift the feeder from the ground by 65mm, thus ensuring cleaner feed and facilitating the animals.

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