Heating plate, adjustable temperature, 40x40cm


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NEW PRODUCT! Heating plate for chicks with adjustable temperature, 40×40 cm, 42W

This heating plate is suitable for ± 30-35 chicks.

A heating plate is a substitute for Mother Nature, where the hen keeps the chicks warm under her feathers. That’s why it is also called an Electric Hen. It is a very natural solution with a big advantage: the chicks will harden earlier and also the growth of their feathers will be quicker. Hereby the chicks will be healthier.

ATTENTION! The adjustable temperature applies to surface temperature of the heating plate (not to be confused with air temperature underneath it) therefore a relatively high setting must be used (eg 55-60 °C), especially in the very early days of chicks lives. They will show with their behaviour if it’s too hot for them by distancing themselves from the Electric Hen.

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