EkoZIP combats red mite and crawling insects


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EkoZIP combats red fowl mites and crawling insects. Contains 100% D.E. (diatomaceous earth).

  • an effective pesticide to combat red fowl mites and crawling insects
  • effectively repels crawling bugs such as mites, ants, silverfish and woodlice
  • a fine powder made of fossilised plankton is also effective in damp air
  • the mites’ protective wax film is destroyed on direct contact with EkoZIP. The pests are therefore instantly demobilised and dry out
  • the special structure makes it impossible to build up resistance
  • spread EkoZIP in the places where mites and other crawling insects hide
  • amount to use 4 g/m² (enclosure)

Suitable for organic farms! Treats an area of 50 m².

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