Egg candler “Super Flash”


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With this candler you can inspect eggs and determine if they have been inseminated or not.

The candler can be already used after 3-4 days of the incubation in case of light coloured eggs or after 5-7 days in case of dark coloured eggs. The latest version has a cord of 2 meters lenght. The candler light can be turned on by pressing the switch. The extremity of soft synthetic material ensures a narrow fitting to the egg and also that, when set on the egg, the light beam is restricted only to the egg.

A candler has always to be used on the blunt end of an egg by setting the candler on it in a way the border of the egg’s air chamber can easily be identified. A incubated egg is not meant not to be candled by putting it onto the candler. You should always put the candler onto the blunt side of the incubated egg, where the border of the egg’s air chamber is located. This way the egg’s air chamber is best to be seen.

Excellent product for a advantageous price!

Bulb 15 Watt/220-240 Volt.

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