Egg candler “PowerLux”


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With battery holder and 1.2mtr cord for free!

This is a winner! The light power of this candler is really huge! The light source is a hugh power LED, which, in combination with a lens, produces a huge light amount. The use of a LED is a very durable way of lighting and, normally, a LED does not break.

WARNING: please do NOT look into the lens as this causes a sight loss for a short period of time!

This candler comes with two rubber caps. One is ment for use in combination with little eggs and the other one for use in combination with larger eggs.
The caps are easily interchangeable.

The rubber of the caps is flexible and therefore it ensures no light leakage during candling as it adapts to the shape of the eeg. This way the candlinging image is much more claerer! The “Powerlux” candler works with the supplied adapter. This adapter is provided with 2.5 m cord.

Since summer 2011 we deliver this product with a free battery holder, so that you may use your candler also in combination with 3 AA batteries.

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