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Easy Fix Premium is an automatic constant water level drinker for low pressure networks designed with a unique mounting system. It is easily and quickly fixed to any type of wire mesh by means of two spring clips. It is manufactured with resistant materials such as ABS and stainless steel, which gives it high durability and robustness.

Easy Fix Premium is a automatic drinker with float for low pressure system, to which special attention has been given to its unique mounting system, being very easy and quick to fix in any type of mesh. The edge of the cup has a protection that prevents it from being eaten by rabbits. It is manufactured with materials of high resistance and quality and with an excellent finish.

Recommended for poultry and rabbits.

Main advantages:

  • Easy and quick fix for any type of net;
  • Suitable for poultry and rabbits;
  • Automatic;
  • Constant water level through a float (not adjustable);
  • For low pressure networks;
  • Stainless steel protection edges against corrosion;
  • Bottom cap for easy cleaning;
  • High resistance and durability;
  • Material: ABS plastic, 304 stainless steel (edge) and silicone (seal);
  • Cup: 67x74x32mm (WxDxH);
  • Nozzle: Ø9mm;

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