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Fresh water is of vital importance for all animals, especially for poultry. In the cold winter months that can be a challenge, because the freezing cold freezes up the water. The perfect solution to this problem is a drinker heater. Thanks to the adjustable clamps it is suitable for every type of drinking trough. This way, the chickens are provided with fresh drinking water, even during the cold wintertime.

Pros Drinker Heater Ø 20cm

  • Universal clamping system, suitable for every type of drinking trough
  • Frost-free up to -25°C
  • No heat loss, thanks to excellent 15mm PU insulation
  • Beautiful color packaging

Compared to summer, during the winter chickens use up a lot more energy keeping themselves warm. Their food- and water need increases accordingly. Access to fresh drinking water is essential for the chickens health. A drinker heater offers that access, despite the temperature. The water will stay frost-free up to the extreme low temperature of -25°C!

Other heating systems lose a lot of the generated heat due to poor insulation. When designing our drinker heaters we’ve taken this into account. By using high quality 15mm thick PU-insulation at the bottom, all of the generated heat moves up. No more wasting energy, just simple and effective water heating.

The adjustable yellow clamps are easy to use, and can be precisely adjusted to fit the used drinker trough. This drinker heater Ø 20cm is suitable for troughs with a diameter of up to 22cm.

Safe & complete
The drinker heater uses low voltage. This makes it extreme safe, both for humans and animals. The included adapter has a capacity of 0.6 Amp. The drinker heater is only 12 Watt which makes the use of it very economical. The product is wrapped in a beautiful colour packaging, of which 10 are packed in an outer box.

Including 230VAC > 24VDC adapter.

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