Dolmix NO-KANIBAL 2kg


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Complementary mineral feed inhibiting symptoms of aggression and cannibalism for pigs and poultry

Mixture applied to pigs or poultry allows to quickly cover shortages of micro and macronutrients in feed which are the most common reason of aggression and cannibalism in animals.

The optimal amount of magnesium, vitamin C and plant extracts eases stress in animals during:

  • transport,
  • regrouping,
  • changes of temperature,
  • vaccinations,
  • excessive concentration of harmful gases,
  • sudden change of feed.

Instructions for use

poultry: 2 kg per 100 kg of feed – 2%
or for 10 heads per day – 24 g
pigs: 2 kg per 100 kg of feed – 2%
1 teaspoon contains approx. 8 g of the mixture

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