Animal trap 60x17x17cm, 2 entries


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Animal trap 60x17x17cm, 2 entries, galvanised + green powder coating

This animal trap has two entries and makes catching different species of pests very easy. Many animal species don’t like to enter animal traps which are closed at one end. An animal trap with two entries is much more accessible!

It is very easy to set this trap! Just put bate in the middle of the cage and set the trap and the trap is ready to use. When an animal enters the cage and touch the bate a sensitive mechanisms operating the flaps at both ends will close. Beside closing, the flaps will also be locked! The animal cage is equipped with a handle with a protection sheet to be moved easily.

The animal cage is made of zinc-plated wire mesh and is powder coated in matt green. This applies also to the metal sheet parts and is a warranty for a long lasting product!

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