63/252 egg incubator


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This incubator will house 63 hen/duck/smaller goose or 252 quail eggs in the automatic egg turner which gently turns every 2 hours (this setting can be changed in the control panel). This not only makes this great incubator super easy to manage but also gives you the freedom of not having to manage your eggs on a continual basis.

The temperature can be set according to your needs and a high / low alarm will sound if temperature goes over or below. The temperature can be adjusted between 30C and 42C which is more than sufficient for poultry and avian needs. As with the temperature, an alarm will sound if the humidity is out of range. A built-in thermometer/hygrometer day counter and a turner countdown timer displays most needed information on the 6 LED panels conveniently located on the front of the unit.

A large fan insures the proper distribution of heat as well as keeping the air circulating. The bottom of the unit has built-in water channels making the control of humidity levels an easy task. Four observation windows and transparent incubator base give a good view to observe the incubation process without having to open the incubator. An easy to understand and follow instruction manual will easily get you through the set-up process. Made from a durable material enables you to keep the incubator clean and bacteria free for years of problem free incubation of your valuable eggs.

Foam packaging can be used for additional insulation which comes in handy when incubating in colder premises.

– digital temperature control
– automatic egg turning
– led display for indicating temperature, humidity, day counter and turner counter
– easy to clean and easy to operate
– CE certificate
– suitable for incubating different type of eggs (chicken eggs, duck eggs, turkey eggs, quail eggs, smaller goose eggs, pheasant eggs etc)
– 2 years warranty

Nice gifts included in your incubator set (see product images):
– egg candler
– feeder
– drinker
– long mouth bottle
– spray bottle

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